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1-Small investment big market

Presbyopic glasses in our country belongs to a sunrise industry, now our country has entered the stage of aging society, along with the requirements on the quality of life in the elderly improved, read read newspapers and watch computer, watching TV, etc. and more eager to have eyes clear vision to meet the needs of their vision.

3-National unified limit line sales model

Good eyesight glasses using unified national sales price model, refused to operating profits; open up new sales channels, reduce operating costs; linear city agency reduced intermediate link charge, in ensure good product quality at the same time.

5-Time is free to occupy a lot of energy

Time control is the agency free control,Time flexible, no fixed working hours.

2-Innovative sales model

The first domestic manufacturers joint venture distribution channels, the company from 2011 began and the cooperative pharmacies selling presbyopic glasses, opened a China glasses sales new channels of a new model, this kind of new management pattern has been the community of praise and recognition.

4- No pressure management model

Using the consignment mode, real pin fill the real real agents without shop rent and artificial pressure, headquarters of a unified custom glasses display positioning frame, glasses style collocation and sales channels.

6-Cooperative marketing support。

Company to provide online and offline product advertising promotion support;Follow up marketing planning and sales training.

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